Thursday, October 1, 2020


  As a digital asset that is predicted to replace physical gold, Bitcoin is predicted to become one of the assets that will be part of every investor's investment portfolio in 2025. Do you believe that?

Maybe currently Bitcoin is getting special treatment from investors out there, because it has become one of the best investment assets throughout 2020. However, the potential of Bitcoin is only limited as a type of alternative investment instrument. When other investment instruments are under pressure due to market factors.

On the other hand, the indicator that Bitcoin can become digital gold in the future can be seen from the volatility of Bitcoin which decreased some time ago. Where, the low volatility is indeed a soft food for "Bitcoin" whales who prefer market conditions like that. Because it is not too volatile, so it has the potential to hold large amounts of digital assets for quite a long time.

If it really will become a safe haven asset in the future, of course Bitcoin will replace physical gold as an investment asset that is immune to inflation, where this has been proven amidst economic uncertainty like now, many investors are shifting their funds into Bitcoin because it is considered safer than only keep money in cash only.

According to the CEO of Bitpanda, Eric Demuth, within the next 5 years Bitcoin will be transformed into something that is mainstream or general. Because direct access to Bitcoin will be easier, due to the development of increasingly clear regulations regarding the existence of the virtual currency Bitcoin et al. So, both small investors and large investors will place their funds in Bitcoin in their investment portfolios by 2025. This is driven by regulations that increase the credibility of Bitcoin et al in the eyes of investors.

In addition, the pandemic is a moment of awakening for Bitcoin. Where, during a pandemic the demand for cryptocurrency has increased because many businesses have closed due to Covid-19, which made workers have to work from home but did not forget the importance of investment and Bitcoin was one of the options.


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