Monday, September 14, 2020


    The controversy surrounding SushiSwap continues. Because the fork from Uniswap managed to dance more than $1 billion liquidity. 

A recent tweet from the Twitter account @SushiSwap that the DeFi project was under community control. The platform updates some features by adding airdrop and buyback features. Not only that, SushiSwap also lowered inflation to 90% and many other updates.

On the other hand, Andre Cronje, criticized the decision of Chef Nomi, the founder of SushiSwap, and an apology from Chef Nomi does not seem to make things better because it has made a "bad reputation on DeFi".

Cronje Criticizes SushiSwap Like ICO Scam

Looking at the smallest value and considering some events related to the ups and downs of SushiSwap prices, updates are done seemingly done to support the continuation of project development. However, Cronje is not eaten by it.

The founder of Yearn.Finance criticized SushiSwap by saying that this update move made a major setback to the DeFi space. In addition, he criticized the bull-run that sushiswap is a fraud against the backdrop of ICO. this is because the platform manages to raise funds by taking advantage of the existing circumstances.

Sushi TravelSwap

After SushiSwap's controversial move with the handover of power from Chef Nomi to FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, the platform became the center of attention. Because after that happened there were some actions taken by Chef Nomi and added discussion to the DeFi community. 

Chef Nomi, founder of SushiSwap apologized for this step and made some of the above updates. Beyond all that, this controversial move leaves SushiSwap with two strongholds, loyal supporters who believe that SushiSwap will still continue to evolve and people who feel this project seems to be changing direction.


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